Waterford has a brand new sustainability refill store called ‘Larder’ at GROW HQ that encourages a low-waste and organic lifestyle. GROW HQ is an award-winning café and organic garden in Waterford City, located at Farronshoneen on the Dunmore Road. 

The Larder is a project aimed at selling reusable, refillable or compostable products, all with the goal of supplying essential products alongside locally grown fresh produce while replacing everyday plastic purchases that often end up in the landfill.

The Larder offers household essentials including organic cereals, nuts, seeds, rice, sugar, pasta, oils, herbs, spices, dried fruits and vegetables, flours, chocolate, purees and sauces all sold in refillable containers.

These will be joined shortly by organically grown seasonal fruit and veg grown by GIY at its market garden on the Curraghmore Estate and sold loose or via a weekly veg box order.

In addition, a range of household cleaning products from all-purpose cleaners to fabric softeners, to detergents and wash-up liquids are also available for refill.

Customers can also enjoy a range of fresh produce from GROW HQ sandwiches, salads, hummus, pestos, and mustards made from the HQ kitchen all laid out in a Grab and Go fridge.

There is a range of fresh food produce from local suppliers such as artisan sausages, black pudding and organic milk and customers can sign up to a weekly fresh seasonal fruit and veg box, all grown locally at the GIY Market Garden.

Larder will encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle, as an estimated 1.2 million tonnes of plastic go to waste each year in Ireland.

At the Larder shoppers will be able to take home in their own refillable containers to cut down on waste and enjoy the use of paper wrapping where required.

Speaking about the new store, the Founder of GIY Michael Kelly says, “I think most of us are horrified at the amount of unnecessary packaging on products that we’re bringing into our home so this has been a long-held ambition of mine to be able to make low-waste options more widely available.

“While recycling is the answer for many people, we actually only recycle about 15pc of annual household waste, so really prevention is the most important way of ensuring that single-use plastic doesn’t become a long-term pollutant.

“We are trying to offer as many common-use household products as possible and also make the refill usage as easy as possible. We hope that this becomes the new norm for many people

“As our recycling rates are desperately low, we have to contribute to the solution by changing our habits as consumers, and that not only affects your personal waste footprint but also encourages producers and companies to give solutions because they see people wanting plastic-free options and solutions.”

All products at the new GROW HQ Refill Store are sold without a container. To purchase refill products, customers bring their own containers and pay by the weight of the product, as containers are weighed empty before filling.

Customers can bring cleaned jam and pasta sauce jars, kombucha bottles or emptied detergent pitchers to refill at the store.

Customers without a jar can purchase a long-term use one square top jar of 1L, 1.5L, or 2L, spice jars, and milk bottles of 1L and 0.5L. or use one from the store’s free “container library” made of reused, and donated containers.

The Larder at GROW HQ is open from 9am to 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday. For further details and to sign up for the weekly seasonal veg box see giy.ie/weekly-veg-box.