Waterford Chamber has launched its Local Government Manifesto 2024, calling on those seeking election to Waterford City & County Council to “put their head above the parapet and be genuine in delivering for Waterford”. 

The extensive document outlines the current requirements to drive Waterford forward under three headlines, Vibrant Living City, Infrastructure for the Future and Green Ambition. 

According to Niall Harrington, President, Waterford Chamber: “In terms of the local elections, as a community we need to choose councillors who will engage on the key issues and hold the Local Authority to account. They must also hold Government to account and make a stand to ensure promises like the funding for SETU be delivered as outlined in the university’s development plan, €350m over five years. This needs to be done before the next Government and action is needed now.  

“Waterford is competing with other regional cities for these investments, and we need to be on top of our game. There is no point in having all of the accolades and plaudits, ‘Best Place to Live’, most affordable city, university city etc, which are all great for selling the story, but we need to drive home that hard work with the follow through supports to give the investors the confidence on delivery.  

“We have all seen the pretty pictures but in reality, it is seeing the cranes working is what is essential. There is no denying Waterford is on the up, the North Quays are under construction, Waterford is a University City, we are getting international recognition in terms of our tourism offering, so it is essential we push forward and ride the wave working together to ‘level up’ Waterford.” 

The document is being circulated to all stakeholders in advance of the Local Elections and is available to view here.