Beat 102 103’s climate action series Ours To Protect wraps with an extended final episode to mark one year of broadcasting in the South East.
Ours To Protect is a unique and informative multi-platform project aimed at raising awareness of climate action across the South East region of Ireland and beyond. 
The weekly series launched on regional youth station Beat 102 103 in June 2023. Produced and presented by Orla Rapple, the series delved into a vast range of topics to help inform, educate and start discussions around climate action and the various small changes you can make that can have a real impact on our environment. 
The year-long radio project launched in June 2023 and is funded by Coimisiún na Meán with the Television Licence Fee and is a partnership between Beat 102 103 and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.
The running theme throughout the series has been to highlight small but achievable actions that one person can make to have a positive impact on their carbon footprint and their immediate environment. From switching off the car engine in traffic, walking to school or work once a week, repairing your old phone and renting your debs dress or tux; this series helps listeners to rethink their small yet significant decisions that can have a meaningful impact in the long term. 
As the series comes to a close, producer and presenter Orla Rapple says she was proud to lead this important project for the radio station.
"Empowering people to take their own climate action was always the remit for Ours to Protect and I think we achieved that goal during our 52 part series. Informing and entertaining our Beat listeners with information on climate change from around the region."
Assistant Producer Joleen Murphy says it has changed the way she views climate change and climate action in her life.
"Going into the year-long project, I think we all knew that we would be talking about some tricky topics but ultimately we wanted to learn with the listener. Orla met with great activists and enthusiasts from each county with meaningful yet simple ideas. Like the sustainable cling film made from beeswax used in a Waterford butchers, and the local Toy repair shops in Tipperary. 
"As we both got stuck in - it was easy to get worried ourselves about the current climate. However, creating these educational and informative episodes that listeners and followers engaged with was the highlight of the project. Knowing that the information got through was a great feeling."
To mark the one-year anniversary of the beginning of Beat's Climate Action series Ours to Protect, this extended episode looks back at what we have learned in the last twelve months.
Orla talks to Patrick Kirwan, a climate activist and TY coordinator at Ard Scoil na Mara in Tramore, Co. Waterford.
They're joined by Louise Lalor, a primary school teacher, environmentalist, and member of SuirCan in Co. Tipperary.
They discuss changes we've seen in climate, what to expect, and how to take practical and worthwhile action as an individual or small group in what can be an overwhelming minefield.
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