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About Us

EduFIT is our online health education and functional fitness company. We are a team of clinical exercise physiologist, sports scientist, nutritionist, health researchers and fitness instructors.

For 17 years, we offer training, education, research services and programmes in fitness, health and wellbeing. We also offer health, fitness and nutrition workshops and courses in corporate, community and online settings.

We specialise in training, education and health and fitness programmes for functional healthy ageing and wellbeing in middle-aged and older adults with and without chronic health conditions. These are supported by Slaintecare, Healthy Ireland, HSE, Sport Ireland and Laois Sports Partnership. In Europe, we work with organisations, including the European Space Agency, to reduce sedentary behaviour and incorporate health and wellbeing enhancing physical activity into the daily lives of EU citizens.

We specialise and are very passionate about women's health and wellbeing in menopause. We offer a 6-week online 'lunch and learn' MenoWell course to businesses. This involves a live 'lunch and learn' session each week for six weeks on important menopause topics (Muscle Matters, Building Bones, Healthy Hearts, Sleeping Soundly, Nutrition for Menopause, S.E.L.F. Care before, during and after menopause). This is supported with a practical on-demand library of specific exercise, nutrition and wellbeing videos and resources, with additional support from our expert team.