South East Technological University (SETU) has announced seven entrepreneurial ambassadors aligned with the University, as part of its new Entrepreneurial Ambassador Programme. 

The programme aims to engage entrepreneurs with the background, experience, and enthusiasm to deliver entrepreneurial insights and to support the work of SETU students, staff, and stakeholders. 

Among the newly appointed entrepreneurial ambassadors are Tammy Darcy, Founder and CEO of the Shona Project, John O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Kollect, Miriam Dunne, Chair of ISACS, Alan Quinlan, non-executive Director of Supplement Certified, Eva Milka, Co-Founder of Gaelic Escargot, Dean Roche, Owner of Precision Health Performance, and Jens Köpke, CEO of Motoklik.

Launching the initiative, Professor Veronica Campbell, SETU President, explained how the programme aligns with SETU’s strategic positioning as a leading international entrepreneurial university, demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit the university seeks to cultivate in its students. 

Prof. Campbell noted, “To be truly successful in achieving this objective, we need to embed an entrepreneurial mindset throughout our University, one that is intrinsic to our make-up of how we think, how we operate and defining who we are.”

SETU’s academic schools selected the entrepreneurial ambassadors, celebrating them as inspirational role models for SETU’s students. President Campbell continued by saying, “The entrepreneurial ambassador programme is built on the basis that role models are a proven approach to inspiring young people to develop the qualities, skills, and attitudes they need to succeed in life. The successful launch of the Entrepreneurial Ambassadors Programme signifies a major advancement for SETU, highlighting the University's dedication to the region and establishing itself as a centre of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

The establishment of this programme aims to accelerate the flow and exchange of knowledge between the University and its enterprise partners. 

Speaking to the entrepreneurial ambassadors, Dr Tom O’Toole, Head of the School of Business said, “In accepting the entrepreneurial ambassador role, you have agreed to be part of our university ecosystem in supporting our student entrepreneurs and innovators. As a community of entrepreneurial leaders, we thank you for your willingness to work closely with students and staff. Your generosity will enrich their learning and support their entrepreneurial ambitions.”

The initiative is the brainchild the HCI funded GROWTHhub project, which supports SETU students’ entrepreneurial potential. This collaborative project with TU Dublin, supported by HCI Pillar III funding, enabled the realisation of the vision to build a strong entrepreneur and innovation network. 

“This launch signifies the start of the Entrepreneurial Ambassador programme at SETU which we aspire to grow into an active network of role models representing all schools and academic disciplines” explained GROWTHhub project lead, Dr Margaret Tynan.

The event brought together SETU’s President, Heads of Schools, Heads of Departments, GROWTHhub team members and the newly appointed entrepreneurial ambassadors to celebrate the university's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

GROWTHhub is funded by the Higher Education Authority's HCI Pillar 3, a government programme designed to meet priority skills needs, by increasing collaboration between higher education and enterprise with a focus on innovations in teaching and learning.