The state-of-the-art Automotive Systems Laboratory is sponsored by Vector GB and JLR 
South East Technological University (SETU) proudly announces the opening of its cutting-edge Automotive Systems Laboratory at its Cork Road Campus in Waterford.

This collaborative venture, jointly sponsored by industry partners Vector GB and JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), represents a significant investment in student education in automotive software and systems.
SETU is uniquely focused on providing students with specialised training in automotive software engineering skills using industry-standard tools and technologies.
The University has been researching and teaching automotive software systems for over 20 years, under the leadership of computing lecturers Brendan Jackman and Frank Walsh. Its graduates work with the major OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in the automotive industry, in Ireland, Europe, and China, and have developed software for many current series production vehicles. 
The Automotive Systems Laboratory, established and operated by SETU, is equipped with state-of-the-art automotive hardware and software development tools from Vector GB, as well as the latest luxury vehicle technologies and systems from JLR.
This unparalleled partnership provides students with hands-on experience and industry-relevant skills, preparing them to excel in the automotive industry upon graduation. Graduates of SETU's automotive programme leave with practical, hands-on experience of tools and technologies such as AUTOSAR, Vector CANoe, DaVinci toolset, CAN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet, and much more.
“This new laboratory consolidates our long-standing partnerships with Vector and JLR and is a vote of confidence in the quality of our automotive stream students,” according to Brendan Jackman, Automotive Systems Stream Leader at SETU.
“Automotive software is now a vital component in the development of modern vehicles. The Automotive Systems Laboratory will equip our students with valuable skills and practical experience in cutting-edge Automotive Software Engineering,” says Dr Frank Walsh of SETU.
“Vector and JLR have both been long-standing and committed partners of SETU for a number of years,” commented Alan Davy, Head of Computing and Maths Department at SETU, “Their continued support of our academic programmes, and in particular our Automotive and Automation stream on our BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, has ensured that our students have access to the latest software and hardware, and know-how relevant to the automotive industry. Our graduates have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest and emerging technology in the sector. The launch of our new Automotive Systems Laboratory will ensure that this collaboration is sustained into the future with a direct benefit for our students.”
“It has been our pleasure to see automotive software engineering SETU students using Vector products for more than a decade,” said Azumi Watabe, Senior Account Manager at Vector GB. “I would like to acknowledge Brendan Jackman for his support and enthusiasm in equipping his students with skills that can be used immediately when they enter the automotive industry. The engagement we receive from the students during our guest lectures is rewarding. We hope our partnership with SETU will continue for many years to come.”
Javier Olarreta, Cybersecurity Lead at JLR Shannon stated, “This collaboration with SETU and Vector helps to spread the word about Ireland’s tech capabilities and working with a very much respected luxury automotive brand at the edge of the tech enhances SETU students’ capability in building technology for the future.”
“We are collaborating with SETU on training for future graduates directing skills such as Security, AutoSAR and testing alongside partners such as Vector Informatik.” says Paul Girr, General Manager at JLR Shannon, “We have graduate colleagues participating on the SETU automotive software development course and looking forward to future developments of this to suit ongoing challenges in the software space.”
The opening of the Automotive Systems Laboratory at SETU underscores SETU's commitment to excellence in student education and the development of future leaders in automotive software and systems.
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