CC, HR and Legal
released a new website which features its speciality workplace investigations, mediation and training business.

The CC HR and Legal team steps in to support companies or organisations when they are grappling with a HR crisis or serious workplace situation that demands immediate guidance and advice. They have particular expertise in conducting independent workplace investigations as well as drafting policies and training companies on how to conduct their own internal investigations.
Gold Standard Investigations
CC, HR and Legal has a gold standard approach and methodology to all workplace investigations. What sets the team apart is that they are qualified legal professionals who are trained in mediation and investigations, with the US based Association of Workplace Investigators. They provide confidential and impartial investigations and are adept at investigating sensitive and complex matters such as bullying and harassment and whistleblowing. As experienced mediators, they also help parties involved in disputes communicate effectively, find common ground, and reach mutually beneficial agreements.
"In a field where the absence of required qualifications can lead to varied approaches, we take pride in our specialisation. I am confident that our legally qualified investigators, with their meticulous approach to evidence evaluation, set us apart as the leading specialists in workplace investigations. The recently amended  Protected Disclosures Act imposes significant new obligations on employers.

"Employers with 50-249 employees are required to establish, maintain and operate whistleblowing procedures by December 2023 and we envisage an uptake in the requirement for investigators with a legal qualification in this area ” said Colleen Cleary, Founder, CC HR and Legal.