About Us

Respond is Ireland’s leading housing association. We seek to create a positive future for people by alleviating poverty and creating vibrant, socially integrated communities. We do this by providing access to education, childcare, community development programmes, housing and other supports.

Respond was established in 1982 and has built more than 5,500 homes nationwide. Respond has provided homes for traditional families, lone-parent families, older persons, the homeless and people with disabilities.

Respond aims to:

Establish and maintain vibrant, socially integrated communities rather than simply providing just shelter or accommodation
Advance education among residents of our estates
Promote other charitable purposes beneficial to the community
Prevent and relieve hardship and distress amongst those who are homeless and amongst those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions

Respond believes in providing housing for social investment rather than financial profit. Therefore, we provide housing for some of the most vulnerable groups in society including those who have lived for long periods in hostels, temporary and insecure accommodation.