About Us

Based in the beautiful city centre of Waterford, I offer Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy for adults online and in person. I work with the psychoanalytical model following C.G. Jung’s approach, which means work in depth dealing with the unconscious.
Within the safe and supportive space of my office, we can explore any subject that may be bothering and upsetting the person’s inner peace and balance.

With fifteen years experience in the field of mental health I help with a wide range of enquiries: depression, anxiety, all types of relationships, talent, difficulties with expressing or managing emotions, different types of trauma, illness, loss, attachment issues, moving, immigration and involuntary dislocated experience. Requests for therapy can also change over time.

It's not uncommon for people to feel that their life is lacking in meaning, there's a loss of pleasure or satisfaction and then I get people who tell:
- I don't know why, but something is going wrong in my life
- I'm doing well and everything looks good, but...
- I don't feel involved in my own life
- I feel like I'm missing something important
- My soul is not in the right place
- My soul hurts

I find it very helpful to explore dreams, drawing, sand play therapy, breathing techniques, cold water swimming and bodydreaming approach in my work.

I currently work as a supervisor, a lecturer, an international speaker and a facilitator of an international social dream matrix group as well.


  • PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland)
  • IAAP (International Associations for Analytical Psychology)
  • UUAP of EAP (Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapists)


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