IT Services

About Us

Unitec is an Irish-owned provider of Managed IT Services to organisations ranging in size from single user environments, all the way up to multi-national entities with multi-site deployments.

Established in 2009, we operate out of Clonmel, Cork, Dublin and Waterford City.

Our expansion into South Africa in 2015 – with a team and offices in Johannesburg – has uniquely positioned Unitec within the Irish market to bring efficiencies & excellence in managed services to all our clients.

At Unitec, we are well known for providing technical expertise in a way that’s accessible to all our customers. In fact, this is such a huge part of our ethos that we adopted it as our tagline! Accessible Expertise. We have earned our reputation through diligent delivery of expert advice and superior service to all our customers.

Our clients – who span industries such as manufacturing, government, pharma, medical, education and professional services – rely on us to provide invaluable support and proactive assistance so that they can continue to meet their business objectives.

Our goal is to keep your business running smoothly, particularly during peak hours and busy periods when a rapid response is key.