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Tramore Amusement and Leisure Park, Ireland’s largest outdoor park, offer corporate clients the opportunity to reward staff members with reduced rate Park tokens. Which can be given directly to staff or circulated through existing company social clubs.

Tramore Park currently has a significant number of existing corporate clients, who annually redeem hundreds, if not thousands of these tokens.

In 2022 Tramore Park was shortlisted for the Waterford Chamber Awards, in the Tourism Excellence category and we would like to share this good news with you.

Our corporate tokens sell for only €10, for 25 tokens. With a book value of €12.50 this represents a saving of 20%. Your staff then simply redeem the number of tokens, to the value of a ride or attraction. Many of our corporate clients give a further subsidy to their staff members, thus bringing the value of the 25 tokens to well below €10, per book. There is no redeem-by date on these tokens either.

For further information contact the Park’s Manager, Michael Garland, on 087 233 9197 or email him directly at;

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