Environment, Energy & Waste

About Us

Russell Environmental and Sustainability Services Ltd. is a environmental consultancy based in County Waterford, Ireland, that specializes in, Sustainability Audits, Implementation of Energy and ISO Standards, Appropriate Assessment, Natura Impact Statements, Habitat Management and Creation

Our fully qualified staff are trained in a range of surveying and auditing techniques for the production of professional reports.

The type of projects that we are usually involved in are:
* Stage 1 Screening for Appropriate Assessment for planning applications/appeals
* Natura Impact Statements (NIS)
* Fresh water sampling
* Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDs)
* Energy, waste and water audits
* Implementation of ISO standards (ISO 50001, 14001 etc.)
* Biodiversity audits and habitat improvement plans
* Implementation of pollinator plans
* Planting schemes for large developments
* Landscape Characterisation