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About Us

In 2014 Mark and Claire relocated their family from New Zealand to Tramore, Co. Waterford. They took the opportunity to return to Claire’s hometown and give their children the chance to experience their Irish heritage.

Mark started a consultancy business in Waterford. Being a New Zealander he was already familiar with online cloud based accounting system Xero and the wonderful tools that it provides for SME’s.

Unfortunately, they discovered that the Xero payroll functionality available in NZ, Australia, UK and USA was not going to be rolled out in Ireland. As a consequency, th looked around for alternatives and tried to implement other add-ons. However, they still didn’t find the functionality they were looking for.

Parolla was initially created as a tool for Mark’s consulting business. It soon became apparent that there was a market for an online cloud version.

Being honest, the timing was difficult. The software was written while GDPR was being implemented, then Revenue rolled out PAYE modernisation. COVID-19 arrived and the primary government supports were delivered through payroll. But the agility of the product,and stellar customer support, has seen user numbers increase through all of this.

The Parolla Payroll system and its spin-off, Parolla Tools, have outgrown the original engineering consultancy. Bringing Parolla to the market in Ireland has been an exciting and rewarding experience for both Mark and Claire.