Dunhill Multi-Education Centre


About Us

Dunhill Multi-Education Centre is a community owned education, training, meetings & conference venue in east County Waterford. Guided by the principles of Access, Opportunity and Excellence, the mission of the centre is to provide a hub of learning excellence, to create opportunities for people to succeed and facilitate access to education for all groups.
The centre offers contracted training services and facilities to both the public and private sector. Our facility has an offering ranging from conference to seminar and meeting rooms. Through our own on site catering business, Park Cafe, we can provide these events with refreshments and lunch options, as well as cater to walk ins, ecopark businesses and learners in training. We offers a suite of training products developed and delivered by our staff and team of contract trainers. The values that are important to us are integrity, honesty, staff wellbeing and open communication

Our social return to Dunhill lies in the provision of a community resource for the surrounding area which includes meeting space, services such as community garden, library & events, training facilities, and management of a number of public and heritage areas locally. The centre provides community services funded by our trading and the support of the Department of Rural & Community Development, administered by Pobal. The centre aims to provide equal access to learning where all people have the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills needed to participate in today's knowledge based society.


  • State of the art training, meeting, seminar and small conference facility
  • Bespoke and contract services to business and community, in centre and remote
  • Database of 300+ training experts for quality assured training provision
  • Event catering and refreshments through Park Cafe
  • High speed broadband, free Wi-Fi and ample parking in beautiful Copper Coast location


Dunhill Multi Education Centre
Dunhill Ecopark
Bright training rooms
Seminars or brainstorming
World Cafe Event
Gallery Image u_shape.jpg
Networking Event
Theatre Style - 80 seat capacity
Hybrid Conferencing Tech
Round table - Covid style
Facilitated Crafting Events
High speed broadband and free Wi-Fi
Park Cafe - Event Catering, Fresh Coffee, Lunch and Snacks
Networking Event
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Sweet treats from Park Cafe
In session catering
Fresh scones and coffee
Dunhill MEC Poly Tunnels
Gardening Activities & training
Gardening for wellbeing
Outdoor kitchen - cook and dine out events
Ecopark Hamper - Corporate Gift idea
Ecopark Hamper - Packaged ready for delivery
Ecopark Hamper - Large orders taken
Cycle tours
Kayak the coast
Greenway on our doorstep
Sand Art
Annevalley Walk
Dolmin Tour
Guided Walks in the Commeraghs
Magnificent Copper Coast


Release Date: September 21, 2023