WLR FM, the leading radio station in Waterford, is proud to announce an outstanding achievement in the latest radio ratings. The station has experienced a significant surge in popularity and listenership, marking a momentous milestone for the station and its dedicated team of broadcasters.

The most recent Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) for the period July 2022-June 2023, released by IPSOS, indicates that WLR FM has increased by 10,000 new listeners in the past 12-months, cementing its position as the leading station in the highly competitive radio market. The impressive figures reflect the unwavering dedication of the station's presenters to provide compelling local content and entertainment to its listeners and online users.

"We are thrilled and humbled by the exceptional loyalty from our listeners," said Michael Byrne, the Programme Director of WLR FM. "The increased radio ratings stand as a testament to the hard work and passion of our talented team, who consistently strive to deliver quality speech and music programs that resonate with listeners."

The station's daily reach of 44,000 is a very strong return for the station.   In addition, the figures also confirmed WLR’s dominance in Waterford city and county, with 66% of all listeners tuning into the station each week!

The success of WLR FM can be attributed to its  relevant  programming, including news, sport, entertainment interviews, specialist speech programming and engaging talk shows, that are designed to cater for the tastes of its decerning listeners. Additionally, the station's active involvement in the local community, through charity events and community initiatives, has strengthened its bond with listeners.

"Our commitment to delivering quality local radio and being an integral part of the community we broadcast to is at the core of our success," added WLR’s Managing Director, Des Whelan. "We extend our gratitude to our loyal listeners and advertisers, whose continued support has been pivotal in our growth and success. Is also important to acknowledge the huge contribution of our brilliant staff and the huge support we get from our partners the Irish Times."

With the rise of digital media, the radio industry has faced unique challenges, but WLR FM has embraced the evolving landscape with innovative online streaming services and interactive platforms, making it accessible to listeners on demand and worldwide. The ability to access this content easily and the quality and popularity of WLR is shown by this JNLR release reporting that the average adult is listening to radio content for over 4.1 hours each day.

As WLR FM continues to ride the wave of this positive momentum, it remains focused on providing enriching and entertaining local content to its listeners and online users.

Source: JNLR/Ipsos 2023-2 (July 2022 to June 2023).