The Large Room
3rd November 2023
@7:30 pm
tickets available HERE

Sarah Jégou-Sageman - violin
Jeroen De Beer - violin
Séamus Hickey - viola
Léo Guiguen - cello
Cork violist Séamus Hickey returns for a second tour with his outstanding Belgium-based Sonoro Quartet and they open with Beethoven’s third Rasoumovsky quartet, its virtuosic outer movements contrasted with an atmospheric funeral march and a quaintly old-fashioned minuet. Sean Doherty’s musical roots lie in the Donegal fiddle tradition and his quartet Devil’s Dream offers an exciting and authentic fusion of trad and classical. Shostakovich’s dark and powerful second quartet was written in 1944, its mood and dramatic vision clearly shaped by the ongoing tragedy of the second world war. The extraordinary last movement is devastating in its range and depth of expression.

Founded in 2019, the Sonoro Quartet has already established itself as one of the leading young string quartet of its generation. They perform over 40 concerts annually in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, and Ireland, making them one of the most active string quartets in Belgium.
Beethoven - Quartet Op.59 No.3 Rasoumovsky [1806]
Sean Doherty - Devil's Dream [2015]
Shostakovich - Quartet No.2 [1944]
Watch Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 8 Largo - Sonoro Quartet- Bartók World Competition 2021 HERE