Waterford Chamber Skillnet and Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet, two of the 70 Skillnet Business Networks nationwide, have partnered to roll-out a new leadership upskilling programme that harnesses the power of podcasting.

Skillnet Ireland is the national talent development agency of the Government of Ireland, responsible for advancing the competitiveness, productivity, and innovation of Irish businesses through enterprise-led talent development.  

Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet and Waterford Chamber Skillnet engaged with soft skills training provider Skillding to deliver the ‘The Leadership Podcast Club’. Over the course of 12 weeks, those participating in the pilot programme engaged with curated leadership podcasts covering actionable content from some of the most widely recognised business books ever written.  

Could you find a way to use the six principles of persuasion from ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’? Or ways to control the emotional ‘chimp brain’ from ‘The Chimp Paradox? Or maybe you would like to spot when someone is holding back some truth. All of this and more is covered in the episodes.

The programme brings together the power of podcasts and microlearning for talent development, placing a special emphasis on the intricate subject of leadership development.

Participants can track and measure what they learned from each episode, while the podcast element of the programme is supported by group coaching sessions designed to enable peer learning.

Commenting on the success of the programme, Ashling Ward, Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet Network Manager, said: “This is a unique programme that allows participants to delve into bite-sized, easily digestible content, tailored to meet them right where they are in their professional journey. The programme has shown how new technologies along with best practice in adult learning can come together to create innovative talent development solutions for businesses and their staff.”

Tommie Ryan, Waterford Chamber Skillnet Network Manager, said: “This programme offers a dynamic and accessible way to learn new information and skills. From insightful interviews to thought-provoking discussions, each podcast is handpicked to provide a rich and varied perspective on the multifaceted aspects of leadership. The programme’s flexibility allows learners to seamlessly integrate their education into their daily lives, making it an ideal fit for the demands of busy leaders and people managers.”

Jane Manzor, CEO of Manzor Marketing, who took part in the pilot programme said: “I have found listening to a monthly leadership podcast for my business is proving immensely beneficial. It's like having a personal mentor at your fingertips, offering invaluable insights and strategies for effective leadership. With each episode, you're honing your skills, gaining fresh perspectives, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of business leadership.”

The Leadership Podcast Club is more than just an individual learning experience, as participants benefitted from regular check-in meetings with their peers, forming a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. These sessions provided an opportunity to discuss key takeaways, share insights, and build valuable connections, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

To find out more about the Leadership Podcast Club and other supports offered by Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet and Waterford Chamber Skillnet, visit the Skillnet Business Networks’ websites: