Waterford Volunteer Centre would like to introduce a reward card scheme for those actively volunteering in County Waterford. This will see those in receipt of the card able to avail of a discount ranging from 5% - 10% off services, memberships etc. We would like to involve a variety of businesses and services from across the County.

We are asking for a commitment of 2 years from the time of launch, which we estimate to be December 2022, and in return, we will post about your business being involved in this project across all our social media pages, and we will share your logo and business details on our rewards card webpage which is being developed. We also intend to have a QR code on each reward card so that volunteers can scan and be brought to the page to see participating businesses. We will give you a window sticker for your premises to say that you are proud supporters of volunteers in Waterford and partaking in the initiative.

The card and registration process will be monitored by Waterford Volunteer Centre and will only be given to volunteers by us once their hours have been verified. It will also have a name strip on it that will be filled in by our team so you can verify it with ID if needs be when it is being used. We would love to discuss this in more detail with you.

Contact sharon@volunteerwaterford.ie or 083 0268144.