Vitamin Sea Festival will take place on 17-19 September this year. The festival aims to highlight Tramore as a place for tourists to eat, drink and take in some vitamin sea through walks, swims and surfs. The Vitamin Sea events team and Taste Tramore members will organise a series of food & drinks events both in person, linking them with Tramore’s sports and outdoor activities when possible, as well as online demos and dinners.

The festival event draws on what makes Tramore special; it’s unique coastline, its food expertise and its heritage.

The Vitamin Sea Festival is a weekend programme of sea inspired events featuring foodie collaborations, coastal excursions such as swim & savour events and taste trails including a local produce market. Our seaside town has a lot to offer the foodie tourist with a thirst for the outdoors.

September will help local businesses extend the season and allow all to benefit from the therapeutic properties of iodine-rich sea. The festival couldn’t be better timed for those looking for staycation events and places to recharge and reconnect.

Events will kick start on Friday evening and run all day throughout Saturday and Sunday. There is a series of adults and kids. Ticket and non Ticket.

Food can be enjoyed at food venues, taken away to enjoy on the beach or a secluded cove, or from the comfort of your own home.

The festival event will be enhanced with our Vitamin Sea Festival 'Ambassadors' who will act as guides, promote the activities and support the business community.

Staycation Tramore People are looking to rediscover familiar places. Tramore offers an opportunity to indulge in nostalgia but can also quench the thirst for new experiences. We expect to have both day-time and overnight visitors from the solo-travel explorer to friend groups seeking relaxation and restoration, couples looking for adventure to families establishing traditions, reconnecting and making memories.

Wellness by the Sea The festival will celebrate Tramore’s heritage as a seaside destination. Sea bathing was regarded as beneficial to wellbeing and recommended as a cure for various ailments, particularly the medicinal qualities of seaweed as a rich source of iodine. Visitors came to Tramore in September to swim in the iodine rich waters and visit the seaweed baths by the Lady's slip. Today, Tramore continues the tradition of sea swimming with locals taking a dip throughout the year and tourists taking advantage of Tramore’s blue flag beaches during the summer.

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