South East Energy Agency was honoured to host the FEDARENE General Assembly in Kilkenny June 13th.

Policy makers from all over Europe, gathered at the Parade Tower, Kilkenny Castle, to participate in an engaging workshop organised by the Covenant of Mayors Europe, a key European initiative with 9000+ signatories, including many Irish local authorities, entitled ‘Multi-level Governance Dialogue in Times of Crisis’. The workshop aimed to foster a productive exchange of perspectives and learnings regarding recent developments in the field of energy, with a specific focus on improving policy feedback loops to expedite the energy transition, empowering local and regional authorities to accelerate the energy transition.

Esteemed speakers included newly elected Mayor of Kilkenny Joe Malone, Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE, Councillor Andrew McGuinness, Member of Kilkenny County Council, John Carley, Chair of South East Energy Agency, Sandra Benčic, Member of Croatian Parliament, Vlasta Krmelj Director of regional Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje in Slovenia and Piergabriele Andreoli, Director of Modena Energy and Sustainable Development Agency.

South East Energy Agency, a not for profit organisation, is the Energy Agency for Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford, working support regional actors to plan the much needed low carbon energy infrastructure development and to deliver energy saving projects at the local level for the local authorities, communities, businesses and individuals in the Southeast.