Proposed planning exemptions for rooftop solar panels on homes and other non- domestic buildings such as farms have been published by Minster of state Peter Burke.

The proposed revisions to the existing exemptions mean houses and suitable businesses regardless of location will soon be able to install rooftop solar panels without any planning permission requirements. The exemptions would include rooftops of homes, educational buildings, places of worship, health buildings, farms, and libraries.

Commenting on the upcoming decision Managing Director of Enerpower, Owen Power “Enerpower welcomes the publication of the exemptions. These changes will help the businesses of Ireland to transition to solar energy. As a nation, if we focus on climate action imagine the impact, we could have in the next 10 years especially if we start implementing change and making solar energy similar and easier to install”

The long-awaited changes are aimed at increasing Ireland’s generation of solar energy and helping to meet climate change targets.

Ireland is one of the countries furthest away from achieving COP26 climate change targets set in place earlier this year. It is evident that Ireland needs to implement changes in order to make the installation of renewable energy systems easier.

The draft regulations would bring Ireland into line with EU’s solar rooftop initiative by making the installation process shorter and easier. Under the draft regulations, rooftop solar panel installations covering the entire roof of a home or other applicable building would not require planning permission. However, in certain land areas where there may be concerns for aviation safety due to the potential impact of glint and glare from the solar panels, a planning application will need to be submitted.

Minister of State, Peter Burke says “the proposed changes will help people and businesses to reduce their energy bills and increase Ireland’s energy security, a major challenge given developments in Europe and the need to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels”

Proposed planning exemptions for solar panels published –
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