Pimbrook are delighted to have Revenue join us on Wednesday, January 31st at 10.30am to deliver a PAYE Information Session and Q&A Session online, specifically for PAYE Employees. This Webinar is FREE to attend - both Revenue and Pimbrook would love to have you and your team join us, so please feel free to share this invitation with your staff. Click here to Register Now!

Since PAYE Modernisation was introduced in January 2019, it has brought about a significant change to the facilities available to MyAccount customers and to the end of year process for PAYE employees. This Webinar has been designed to address these changes and answer any queries you may have.  
Topics covered during this information session will include: 

  • PAYE Services
  • myAccount Registration
  • PAYE Modernisation Today – 2019 onwards
  • Remote Working Relief 
  • Rent Tax Credit
  • Real-time Credits/Receipts Tracker
  • Statement of Liability
  • How to find information