Most European countries, including the United States, do not have a clear law protecting whistleblowers. The issue of whistleblowing is so serious that the UN has issued a report on the subject and the EC released the European Whistleblower Protection Directive (EU) 2019/1937.

Every enterprise has its own unique risk, reputation, and compliance challenges. Every ethical business enterprise recognizes the benefits of uncovering and properly addressing their employees’ and managers’ unethical or illegal activities regardless of personal cost. And every ethical business endeavors strive to maintain a pleasant and productive work environment.

As a solution to this serious issue, a Waterford based company named Konnektable Technologies Ltd. created a state of the art whistleblowing platform, known as, ReportAll.

Get ready for the future of whistleblowing with ReportAll! The platform is extremely efficient, user-friendly and intelligent, applying cutting-edge technologies to improve compliance and business performance. The system is constructed to meet global standards and integrate with your existing compliance and business processes.

ReportAll is packed with features to help users build trust, reinforce compliance policies, minimize risks and costs as well as leverage their data.

Blowing the whistle through anonymous, confidential or full disclosure reporting, ReportAll is an online, easy-to-use tool for both compliance officers and whistleblowers that fosters integrity, empowers people’s trust and makes the workplace safer and ethically active.

Configured to meet all legal requirements, the system complies with all applicable legal frameworks, covering a big range of the market needs. Hence, it can be adopted by any company operating in every industry, law firms, HR agencies as well as educational and research organisations.

Learn more about ReportAll and book a demo to identify how this powerful whistleblowing system can address your needs.