Waterford Volunteer Centre, in association with the network of volunteer centres, will be exploring the possibility of offering Project Management training to community organisations in our county.

Many voluntary groups are run by very small teams who are left with a lot of work to manage. Too often one or two individuals are left wearing many hats: social media communicators, financial controllers, HR managers, trainers, fundraisers, report writers—the list goes on. This can be overwhelming, and because community groups are often left struggling to figure out how to get all their ducks in a row, we thought it would be useful to organise a training focused on project management.

Project management is broadly used in the business sector and is a proven methodology that has been used to add structure to projects regardless of how big or small they are. Whether you’re planning to send a rocket to the moon, landscape a park, or plan a public event, project management principles apply. In short, project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve specific project goals while taking constraints (such as human or financial limitations) into consideration. The practice has been rapidly expanding since it’s formal practice began in the 1930s as it’s now gaining a foothold in the non-profit sector.

We have decided to partner up with ETP to roll out a project management training that works for you. This training can be offered in a face-to-face setting for two full days, or it can be delivered remotely over Zoom over four weeks (with a 2-hour online delivery per week). 

We’re currently applying for a grant which will allow us to offer the training where 80% of the costs will be paid. (This means community groups will be asked to pay the remaining fee—dependent on number of attendees)

This is a really exciting opportunity to upskill in a much sought-after area. But most importantly, it will help participants build capacity for their organisation as they help plan, prioritise and deliver high-value projects.

Right now we’re asking groups to register their interest in this training. To do so, click on the link below and enter your details before August 6th. 

Project Management Workshop:  Attendee Expression of Interest Form

For further information contact:

Sharon Higgins
Waterford Volunteer Centre
083 026 8144