Phoenix Yard Street Food Market gets nominated in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine as one of the 16 best places to visit for street food.

Phoenix Yard has gone from strength to strength since its began just last June, now it gets the recognition from the acclaimed food critic Lucinda O'Sullivan in the Sunday Independent on the 18th April, boasting five food vendors offering a global cuisines they have strived in the pandemic and even boost a new start up.

Keith Daniels said, "We are absolutely trilled to get the recognition from a national newspaper. We have all worked very hard to survive in this pandemic and getting mentioned in the Sunday Independent has given the traders a real  boost. Chingon went into the yard  on the 16th June and Phoenix Yard Market was launched on the 4th July with a goal of having various traders taking weekly spots, we did however decide in September to go for five residents and that has worked really well. I was personally delighted to give an opportunity to a new start up in Socafro Kitchen who has took the Waterford food scene by storm, JD has a steady flow of customers each week, the other traders have brought their own unique style to the Market, we have The Crazy Vegetable who is a 100% Vegan operator, Grill Bike which serves Polish Hotdogs etc and The Donut Cabin who sells their amazing hand crafted donuts."

Phoenix Yard wouldn't have been possible without the vision of Keith but he credits the traders as well as his Landlord Maurice Kavanagh and Sons. Keith said, "I approached the Kavanagh family in April as I was solely focused on the Festival and Event circuit, I knew after many walks in the Peoples Park with my friend Tina that I was going to change direction a bit to be able to survive as no mass gatherings were going to take place. Maurice jr and Cormac instantly got my vision of what I wanted to create that was not in Waterford but cities like London, Lisbon, New York. The guys have been truly excellent in the support that have given me! I must credit the support from others like Cllrs Eddie Mulligan, Jim Griffin and Eamon Quinlan, Waterford Council and in particular David Walsh and the team in the Leo office and of course Waterford Chamber who have popped in many times and given their support."