Beginning on Monday, 23rd of January, Neuro Alignment is an 8 week transformational journey supporting people with Parkinson's emotionally, physically & spiritually through proven integrative therapies & techniques to help overcome the emotional and physical effects of Parkinson’s.

This course includes both 1 on 1 calls with International Parkinson's Coach, Irene Treacy, as well as weekly calls with a small group of up to 8 people.

Working together as a group shares different perspectives to achieve a common goal in a supportive, friendly, and fun environment.

“I wanted to take control of my recovery. Box breathing technique increased the on time of my medication by 30 minutes; my apathy is under control; I have a more positive outlook; my mental health is better; My handwriting improved; I'm more positive about my future health and feel in control of my condition; New friendships have been made. Thank you, Irene.” - Shirley Machmer, Scotland

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