Initiatives across Europe have started weaving expertise, knowledge, resources and teams together to support the restoration, protection, and regeneration the landscapes and seascapes we live and work in. Waterford is now poised to join four other European Bioregional Labs in this endeavor.

On Earth Day, Friday April 22nd, we invite you to join other passionate people from across the region for a short lunchtime webinar as we launch our very own Bioregional Weaving Lab, Waterford initiative.
Time: 1200-1230
Theme: Launch of Bioregional Weaving Lab Waterford initiative
Of interest to: everyone interested in exploring how a regional collaborative initiative could work for a more resilient food system that supports thriving landscapes, seascapes and communities in Waterford.
Content: A one-page summary explaining the concept of BWL Waterford is attached. This short webinar will be an opportunity to learn more about the context, hear about some of our hopes and plans for the next six months, meet other stakeholders and be given an explanation of how you can participate further if you so wish.
Register: for your zoom link here
After the event you will be sent a European Bioregional Insights Report (172 pages) that has full details of why and how GIY’s European partners developed the collaborative impact strategy, including an analysis of the systemic barriers for transformative change and recommendations for collective action. If you are particularly interested in this wider perspective we recommend you grab the opportunity to attend a webinar led by our partners immediately preceding the Waterford event above. You can join the ‘Insights’ online webinar live from 1100-1200 GMT by clicking here.