Getting a diagnosis of any health condition can be very stressful but receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson's can be a traumatic experience and leaving you feel like your World has literally been turned upside down.

Most of my clients tell me they hardly remember anything the Neurologists says after “You have Parkinson's Disease” and the rest of that day/week is like a blur. 

Unfortunately, most people go straight to Dr. Google which is the worst thing you can do as, no doubt, you'll find the worst case scenario's and build up a totally false representation of what your life really is going to be like. The horror stories I have been told over the past 7.5 years from people about how they were diagnosed and what information they got, or more to the point.. didn’t get!!.

From the diagnosis, your brain and body will be in fight or flight and it's of Para importance you get the correct, more productive and positive information that is going to focus on your slowing your progression and living your best life. 

I have created  “10 Tips for somebody Newly Diagnosed with Parkinson's and these have been inputted from people with Parkinson's and I know you will find these extremely helpful and a great source of hope for the future.

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Sending love and light, Irene Treacy XX