Aligning your workplace with new health & safety requirements, managing staff vaccinations and employees’ rights, assessing whether remote working suits your business…the back to work checklist goes on.

Of course, daily obstacles are nothing new to business owners. But now, as businesses have reopened and employees are back in the workplace, new issues have arisen that concern both employees and the broader business. As always, preparation is key, and so too is getting the right guidance.

To clarify a range of back to work issues and give you the tools to build a foundation for a successful future, HR and health & safety consultant Peninsula is hosting an exclusive and free webinar for Chamber members on Tuesday, August 24th at 2pm. This webinar will address:

  • Managing the COVID-19 vaccine and GDPR considerations
  • Flexible working requests and remote working
  • COVID-19 protocols when returning to the office
  • Supporting staff as they readjust to life in the workplace
  • Effective absence management
Now is the time to plan for a successful future, so we hope to see you at our webinar on August 24th.

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