Studio One helps people make meaningful changes to their lifestyle. We specialise in working with individuals on a personal basis or in a small group.

Our goal is to have our clients love themselves:

  • Love how they look, feel and how their body can perform.
  • Play with your kids, run a mountain or simply play a round of golf without pain. 
  • Do the things you love in life.
We use a prescriptive model for health care, similar to a doctor. After a private consultation of 60 minutes, we prescribe a coaching plan to achieve the desired effect. Physiotherapy, Nutrition coaching and physical exercise are the most common approaches we use. Depending on your goal will dictate the coaching plan.

We have an experienced team of professionals who live and breathe what they do. Gary has been helping clients since 2008, where we put you above all else. We have built a team who are dependent on your success for our fulfilment. 

We typically work with business owners and business professionals who need flexible training times, and a plan that is tailored to your goals.

We are here to help people take their first step or return towards building a pathway to sustainable health and fitness where you can do it on your own. 

We have one particular program 'Fit 4 Business', a 16-week health and fitness mentoring program which helps elevate you and your business health.

For further details, contact Gary at 051 123456 or

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