Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in various brain functions, including Movement, Memory & Motivation.

Insufficient levels of dopamine can lead to several issues, including: Parkinson´s, ADHD, Depression, Addiction, Memory Loss & Fatigue. Basically, if you don´t produce enough Dopamine, it can have significate effects on your mental and physical health effecting Movement, Motivation, Memory,  Energy and Cognitive Function.

A lot of these symptoms are managed by medication but there are also many ways to produce dopamine naturally and as a person living with ADHD, I have found these tips and techniques very helpful in improving my own movement and motivation. l´m excited to share this with you at my Monthly Masterclass “10 Ways to Produce Dopamine Naturally”.

Please register on and looking forward to seeing you on Zoom from 8pm to 9pm Irish Time Tuesday 16th May.