Waterford Chamber, in partnership with Waterford Local Enterprise Office, is launching a new podcast, Getting to Know You, which will feature interviews with local business people and debates around topical issues pertaining to business.

According to Gerald Hurley, CEO Waterford Chamber, “Waterford Chamber is excited to present this new offering for 2023 and with two podcasts a month being released, I’m looking forward to hearing from Waterford people from all walks of life, be it their personal stories, their business concerns, healthy debates and idea generation.

“This podcast comes on the back of the success of Network Magazine, our quarterly business magazine, and who better to present Getting To Know You than our own Lynda Lawton, who has many years of experience as a journalist locally and nationally. Lynda works alongside Michael Lynagh in producing Network Magazine in-house and Michael will again lend his editing talents to this project. There is no doubt there will be something for everyone in this series and we are delighted to have the support of Waterford Local Enterprise Office, who are always willing to take a chance on our new ideas.”

Speaking about the new offering, Lynda Lawton says, “There are so many interesting people in our community, many who we meet day to day, but never really get to know in person. This is our opportunity to do that. Some will have incredible stories to tell and others will have fantastic ideas that may make a difference to Waterford. As a journalist you are always looking to find the story and I love the idea of going into these interviews blind and seeing where the road takes us.

“We are starting the journey with our own Chamber President Paul Nolan, who opens up about his childhood, family life and of course talks about the current economic climate. I will also be joined throughout the series by guest presenters and while we will cover serious topics, we also want to have a bit of fun and keep the conversation light-hearted.

“The shows will be free and readily available to anyone to listen to through our website www.waterfordchamber.ie and across social media.”

Jacqui Gaule, Acting Head of Waterford Local Enterprise Office said: “Lynda did a podcast course with us last year and was inspired to create one for Waterford Chamber. Upskilling and being innovative is an integral part of the LEO ethos so it was an easy yes from us to come on board and support this initiative.  We are looking forward to hearing from LEO clients throughout the year, as well as others in our business community. This is an exciting new venture for us all and who knows what secrets or gems will be unlocked along the way.”

LISTEN TO THE FIRST EPISODE HERE: https://www.waterfordchamber.ie/what-we-do/podcast/