On July 5th in the Granville Hotel in Waterford, the Parnell room was filled with pride and excitement as Beautorium Training Academy celebrated its first student graduation. The academy, known for its exceptional training in beauty therapy, make-up artistry, nail technology, and beauty education, marked this milestone with an elegant ceremony on 5th July 2023.

Principal Joanne Quinn Geoghegan, who herself embarked on her self-employment journey at the same location with her Mobile business Pink Lotus therapies in 2009, couldn't be prouder of her students' achievements.

The graduation ceremony was a testament to the dedication and hard work that Beautorium Training Academy students, under the guidance of their talented educators, have put into their studies. Graduates proudly received their well-earned diplomas, issued by internationally Recognised awarding body ITEC . The ceremony was beautifully captured by the renowned photographer Shane Hogan, ensuring that each graduate's moment of glory will be cherished forever.

Beautorium Training Academy, located at Riverwalk in Waterford, has become synonymous with excellence in beauty and complementary therapies. The academy offers internationally recognized qualifications from prestigious institutions such as ITEC and AIT. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the beauty industry, and they leave the academy fully prepared to succeed in their careers.

What sets Beautorium Training Academy apart is its commitment to not only providing basic beauty therapy training but also offering advanced skincare and beauty educator qualifications. This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates are well-rounded professionals with a deep understanding of the industry. It is this dedication to excellence that has attracted aspiring beauty professionals from all over the region to enroll at Beautorium Training Academy.

The academy's website, www.beautoriumtrainingacademy.ie, provides detailed information on the courses offered, allowing prospective students to explore their options and make an informed decision about their future. Those interested in further details can also reach out to the academy via email at info@beautorium.ie.

Beautorium Training Academy's first student graduation is just the beginning of a long history of success and excellence. Principal Joanne and her team have set a high standard for future graduates to aspire to. With their internationally recognized qualifications and rigorous training programs, Beautorium Training Academy continues to shape the future of the beauty industry in Waterford and beyond.

Congratulations to the graduates of Beautorium Training Academy's first student graduation. We wish you all the best in your bright futures, where you will undoubtedly make a mark in the beauty industry.