The 2022 Munster Maths and Science Family Fair will be held in Mallow on October 16th. The annual event, first held in 2010, attracts approximately 4000 primary and secondary school children and parents/guardians from across Munster as visitors to each event. 

 This STEM event features exhibitors from Industry that highlight the science and innovation that underpin their technologies and products. The focus of the annual fair is to showcase the fun side of science and to show how it is used in the things that we do, use, and see every day.  In addition, third level educational institutions highlight their STEM research, and several primary and secondary schools also exhibit STEM projects undertaken by their students.   

The event is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and leadership in STEM related activities.

Members of the Chamber that would like to highlight the science and innovation behind their success and engage with an interested and curious audience are welcome to exhibit at the event.

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