Tricel Killarney has announced the installation of Ireland’s largest combined Solar PV and heat-pump system. The 776kWp Solar PV system and heat pump system was installed by Waterford-based Company Enerpower. This will see Tricel reducing its overall environmental impact.

The process saw the installation of approximately 1,744 solar panels and 3 heat pumps which are now providing heat and electricity to the facility located in Killarney Co. Kerry.
Originally founded in 1973, the company is a global provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction, and Distribution industries.    Choosing the combined solar PV and heat-pump system will see a total reduction in emissions from the system equate to 357,800kg of CO2 per year.  
“We worked closely with Enerpower on the installations who, from the outset, had a very clear understanding of our requirements and have shown commitment and reliability in their service,” said Tricel’s David Kaneswaran.
A combined Solar PV and heat-pump system will complement each other when installed at the same facility as solar panels will help generate a self-sufficient flow of electricity to help reduce electricity bills and heat pumps work by transferring heat throughout the facility, the compressor inside the device takes the cold air from outside and increase the temperature to transfer around the facility. Tricels heat pumps are expected to generate 51,750kWh of heat per annum whilst also generating 776,000kWh of electricity per year.
Speaking on the installation, Owen Power, Managing Director of Enerpower said “Enerpower are passionate about pushing the boundaries in sustainable self-sufficiency for the commercial and industrial sectors and we are very proud to have worked on behalf of Tricel to deliver this combined Solar PV and Heat Pump project. Solar energy has become one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation and this combination of self-generation with heat pump technology protects Tricel against future energy price increases while also reducing their carbon emissions. Tricel now produces their electricity whilst also generating their form of heat. Enerpower is delighted to have worked on this project and helped Tricel fulfill its sustainability goals.” 
Tricel is a global provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the environmental, water storage, construction, and distribution industries. Tricels Sustainability programme is at the heart of everything they do. The combined Solar PV and heat-pump system installed are the equivalent to the emissions saved from powering 300 houses every year and the equivalent to 500 planted trees.
Enerpower is delighted to have completed this project on behalf of Tricel. Enerpower are Ireland leading renewable energy company, if you wish to find out more about the transition to renewable energy sources, please call us today on 051 364 054.