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Through our Ability Programme at Down Syndrome Ireland we are working to break down barriers, and change low employment rates adults with Down syndrome experience. People with Down syndrome want to work and represent a substantial source of untapped commitment and talent. Through our partnership with employers we can offer help and support to ensure adults with Down syndrome successfully access meaningful employment opportunities.

Companies who employ people with Down syndrome report that those employees are committed and motivated, and often only need an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. They take tremendous pride in their work and earning a wage, demonstrating unparallelled levels of loyalty to their Employer.

Not only that, but in our experience, they unintentionally add a new and welcome dynamic to staff morale and customer engagement. Their presence in the workplace is reflected by higher levels of patience, tolerance and goodwill within the existing workforce, whilst also indirectly, further developing the People Management skills of Team Leaders and Supervisors, as a result. The positive impact on the person with Down syndrome is substantial too. Working helps improve confidence, increase social connectivity and helps integrate the individual into the local community.

If you are an employer, we ask you not to make assumptions about what a person with Down syndrome can do. We ask you instead to consider the skills, abilities and aspirations of each individual, as you would for any other potential employee.

We can provide support to you around looking at Job Roles and Work Tasks/Duties in your organisation, that would provide meaningful work for an adult with Down syndrome. In turn this could benefit your workplace by freeing up existing employees’ time, so they can complete more highly skilled tasks. We can also provide support around Contracts and any Materials/Documentation required, along with Awareness Training for your team to ensure awareness around working with adults with Down syndrome.

If you are an employer who wishes to employ a person with Down syndrome, we are here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Yours Sincerely,
Aoife Gaffney
Head of Employment, Down Syndrome Ireland
Phone: 089-7036209